Looking for new artists to sign and produce

SeaAnt Music Productions is looking for new artists to sign and  produce.    Also  offering our production expertise to help you get the most out  of   your production budget. We are looking to sign primarily Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop and more but, are open to any submissions. Singer/songwriters go to the top of the list. If you are looking for production help, we are open to any genre. Producer/Engineer E . Ken ( Zeizei) is our president and hands on producer
If we like what we hear and decide to take it on, we will work to plan a strategy to get you your ultimate goal of a record deal and to sustain a career through Branding, Marketing, Radio and Concert Promotion. Our production Supervisor will evaluate if the album has the quality needed or needs to be tweaked. Once it is ready, it will be sent to all continents to be shopped for the best deal.
SeaAnt Studio Producer will work closely with you to help develop your sound as well as use my relationships in the industry and pass success to help further your career by giving you real opportunities to place with today’s best artist.